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War Over Warranty Claims On Defect Q Acoustic Speakers

The issue of who is responsible for a warranty claim when a distributor has sold a product to a retailer or customer installer has blown up with Melbourne based distributors Busisoft and Indi Group in a head on fight over liability for processing faulty product claims for Q Acoustic speakers.

It also appears that Q Acoustics is also failing to respond to emails about faulty products in Australia.

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Earlier this year we revealed that Indi Group had walked away from selling Q Acoustic speakers in Australia claiming the UK Company Armour Home Electronics was struggling to supply stock, they also admitted that they were managing warranty claims on the product and that the UK Company had failed to deliver new products as promised.

The brand was taken over by Busisoft.

The brand has a chequered history in Australia having been distributed by Westan prior to Indi Group taking on the brand in 2017.

Unlike Busisoft Indi Imports also took over the job of processing warranty claims on products sold to retailers by Westan.

In an effort to get to the bottom of this ChannelNews sent an email to Indi Imports CEO Paul Riachi to inquire about retail claims that Busisoft were refusing to accept responsibility for processing faulty Q Acoustic products in Australia.

We also sent a message direct to the CEO of Busisoft George Poutakidis.

Paul Riachi responded claiming this “This 100% correct”

He added “We have evidence on Busisoft AV refusing to service products. Which were sold by INDI Imports.

He added :We recently had a client who bought a brand new pair of 3030i speakers and the driver were faulty, they “Busisoft AV “…..flat out said that would not service products that are not imported by them”,

He claims that customers are being told by Busisoft employees that their Q Acoustic speaker could be “grey imported” a claim which Riachi claims is “defamatory” and could result in legal action being taken by Indi Imports against Busisoft employees answering calls from retailers.

Indi claim to have the “grey import” claim on record from the Q Acoustic owner who is based in SA.

Busisoft CEO George Poutakidis has not responded to our questions regarding this issue.

Riachi said “We subsequently managed to get spare parts after several emails to Armour Home” he said.

He added We have sent several emails to Armour Home stating that BusiSoft do not want to cover genuine imported products in which were sold prior, and Armour Home have refused to respond”.

“As we relinquished the brand back in May 2020, we made it very clear that we will not service any further components of the Q Acoustics brand or QED as this is now solely the responsibility of Busisoft”

“When we took over the brand back in 2016 we took over all the warranty obligations of the brand from Westan, it seems that Busisoft have no service ability nor have any real concern in servicing and maintaining this brand”.

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