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Want Free Access To Netflix? This 60GB Plan For Under $40 Will Give It To You

It’s one of the most valuable and impressive phone deals we’ve seen all year – even after the Samsung S20 5G range prompted an avalanche of competitive deals from almost all major telcos.

Consumers who opt for this deal will receive 60GB of data for $38 a month, is contract-free and gives a free 12-month Netflix subscription.

The only catch is the offer is only available until this afternoon from Circles.Life, which is powered by the Optus network.

To get this plan, consumers will need to use the promo cod BINGEON before 3pm AEDT Monday 17 February.

Consumers will also have to ensure the 20GB for $10 add-on is selected during sign-up and will have to activate the SIM before 31 March.

As previously mentioned, the contract-free plan comes with free Netflix for a year, as Circles.Life will send users a $10 e-gift vouched via email in the second week of each month. This gives consumers a Basic Netflix subscription, with a few dollars to spare.

Unfortunately, there is another catch – the 60GB deal will drop to 40GB of data after the first year.

Consumers can purchase the deal online through Circles.Life official website.

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