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WannaCry Not To Blame For Melbourne Red Light Problems

Whatever’s wrong with Melbourne’s red light camera system, it isn’t an infection caused by the WannaCry ransomware, an official investigation has reported.

The interim report by Victoria’s road safety camera commissioner John Voyage has found that there is “no evidence” that the ransomware infection, accidentally introduced by a worker, had compromised traffic infringement data.

There was no evidence of any WannaCry-encrypted files on infected Redflex-operated Windows 7 systems and “no evidence of any impact on the integrity of infringements”, according to the interim report.

A number of the Windows XP systems employed by RedFlex crashed but were not infected by the malware, the report says. It concludes: “There is no evidence that the WannaCry infection has affected the integrity of speed and red-light camera infringements.”

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