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WA Software Pirate Coughs $100K

An unnamed  West Australian metalware company has paid $100,000 to settle an unlicensed software case with anti software-piracy group BSA/The Software Alliance.

BSA has also paid its maximum $20,000 reward to an informant – also unnamed  who dobbed the metalware company in for illegal use of unlicensed copies of software programs from Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft – all BSA members. It’s the first time BSA has paid out the maximum reward.

Apart from the $100K damages payment, the company involved has agreed to purchase legitimate software licenses from Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft.

Said BSA’s Roland Chan yesterday: “While some businesses think they can save money and fly under the radar by using unlicensed software, the reality is they fail to consider the larger financial and reputational risks. This case serves as a reminder to businesses everywhere of the importance of using properly licensed software.”

Chan also urged more potential informants in other companies to speak up. To score the full 20-grand, informants must agree to provide assistance and evidence to support the information.

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