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Vodafone Launching NBN Services Next Year

Vodafone is set to branch out into fixed-line broadband in the Australian market, with it today advising that it will offer NBN services by the end of next year.

Speaking at the Charles Todd Oration in Sydney, Vodafone chief executive officer Inaki Berroeta noted interchangeable consumer use of fixed-line broadband and mobile amid growing data consumption.

“We know that customers love data, with around 14,000 terabytes used on the Vodafone mobile network each month, and their appetite for fast data is continuing to grow,” Berroeta stated. “The NBN will allow us to deliver more data to our customers.

“Not only are Australians consuming more and more data, they are increasingly using mobile and fixed broadband interchangeably.

“Consumers are converged, but the telco market isn’t and we want to change this. Customers want seamless connection, easy-to-understand plans and reliable service – and that’s the proposition we’ll be bringing to Australia.”

Berroeta described the move as “a natural progression” for Vodafone’s business, noting that with the NBN rollout gaining momentum “there is strong consumer demand for continuous connectivity”.

He also noted customer demand for “Vodafone to offer home and office fixed broadband as well as mobile”.

“Just as we have done for mobile, we see a real opportunity to make a difference in the fixed broadband market by delivering great service and value for customers,” he stated.

“Because we will be investing in a brand new capability, we will be able to deliver a better customer experience and a market-leading price for both consumers and businesses.”

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