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Vodafone Bringing 4G To More MVNOs

Vodafone will switch on 4G for another five of its mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the coming weeks.

Vodafone has today advised that over the next two weeks 4G will be switched on for Lebara, Macquarie Telecom, Hello Mobile, gotalk and Pivotel Prepaid.

They will join TPG Mobile and Kogan Mobile on the Vodafone 4G network.

“We’ve invested billions of dollars in the Vodafone network over recent years, and we’re very pleased to be offering our fast, reliable 4G services to more of our MVNOs,” Vodafone head of wholesale Paul Tierney commented.

“Provided they have a 4G-capable device, customers of these MVNOs will be able to enjoy the Vodafone 4G network for browsing the internet, and streaming, uploading and downloading content.”

Vodafone 4G will be available to Lebara on June 30, to be followed by the other MVNOs on July 6.

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