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Victoria Plans Crackdown On Mobile Phone Using Drivers

The Victorian Government is set to introduce new legislation to allow ‘Distracted driver’ technology to capture drivers using their mobile phone across Victorian roads from 2023 at a cost of $33.7 million to develop and implement it.

The technology uses high-definition cameras and artificial intelligence to detect drivers illegally using their phone behind the wheel. It incorporates two cameras and an infrared flash to work both day and night.

The trial was carried out by the government, alongside Acusensus, the state’s current traffic camera services contractor and conducted over a three-month period, assessing a total of 679,438 vehicles.

Throughout the trial, the government claims one in 42 drivers was detected illegally using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

Other offences, such as driving without hands on the wheel or with pets on laps, were also observed, he said.

Drivers caught using their phone cop a $344 fine and lose five demerit points.

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