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Toshiba Fuses Power & Portability With AMD Fusion Notebooks

Coming this August, the three new L750D notebooks will each feature the latest AMD Fusion A-series ‘Accelerated Processing Units’ (APUs as opposed to CPUs).

These APUs which span from dual to quad cores combine discrete-class graphics with the additional external graphics card of the computer to create ‘dual graphics’ technology, improving graphics performance.

“Not only does [AMD’s Dual Graphics technology] increase notebook performance by offering a lifelike gaming experience and lag-free videos, the APU also delivers the ultimate in multimedia performance,” said Anthony Geronimo, B2C Product Marketing Manager for Toshiba Information Systems Division.

“The Toshiba Satellite L750D series will be some of the first products in the local market to feature AMD’s new A-Series APUs, introducing a richer computing experience for consumers,” said Geronimo.

The top end model is the L750D/017, featuring the top-tier AMD A8 quad core processor. The 017 is a 15.6 inch widescreen notebook (as are the other two L750Ds) featuring an AMD Radeon HD 6470M graphics card and 4GB RAM.

It’s also fitted with a Blu-ray drive and 750GB of storage, as well as being DLNA certified to sit comfortably in the home network.

One notch down the chain is the 009, featuring a quad core AMD A6 processor. It features the same graphics card, RAM and hard drive space as the 017, but with a slower LAN connection than the prior. It also drops down from Blu-ray to DVD player.

The budget option is the dual-core 0OU, featuring an AMD A4 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.

Apart from these lower specs, this laptop sits in similar stead to the 017 with the same LAN, graphics card and disc drive but opting for a glossy grey and black finish over the white of the 017.

Pricing will be set by Harvey Norman as the exclusive reseller of these notebooks.