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Users Claim Samsung Has Disabled S23 Ultra 8K Video Function

What happens when you buy a top end smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and a key feature disappears or is disabled after an update cause problem.

Several users have taken to social media claiming that Samsung has disabled the ability to record 8K video on the top end smartphone, however the model that we tested still has 8K recording capability, with questions now being asked as to whether the software used on the S23 Ultra is different in other Countries.

We also had no problems in the shooting of 8K video on the S23.

The 8K record capability is believed to have been removed following a recent system update in select Countries.

Those affected claim that, since installing the update, the option to record 8K video in high bitrate mode has been greyed out and can no longer be selected, leading to several complaints from users unhappy to find the smartphone’s highest-quality recording mode removed without warning.

Samsung’s official, and rather vague, update release notes make no mention of the feature’s removal.

Instead, the company writes, “Since Samsung released a lot of improvements related to the camera and performance last month, don’t expect this update to bring anything new in terms of features or performance.”

Forbes Magazine claims that Samsung may have had good reason to disable the option, as it’s not the first time this particular feature has been the subject of user frustration.

User reports from earlier this year complain of “stuttering” and dropped frames when recording high bitrate 8K video.

I for one have been able to use the mode without issue.

Users actually claim that they achieve better-looking 4K footage on the Galaxy S23 Ultra when downsizing 8K recordings rather than shooting in 4K to start with.

Another reason to shoot in 8K is to achieve the highest resolution possible when extracting still photos from your video recordings.

Samsung have not commented on this issue.

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