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Upcoming iPad Pro To Remove Headphone Jack, Add Notch

Japanese rumour mill Macotakara has leaked supposed dimensions, design features and Face ID functionality for the next iPad Pro release.

Macotakara points to information provided by an Apple supplier to back up its claims.

Changes to the frame specifications have been given as 247.5mm x 178.7mm x 6mm for the 10.5 inch model and 280mm x 215mm x 6.4mm for the iPad Pro, resulting in less bulk for both models.

The leak also suggests that next gen iPads will not have an earphone jack, keeping in line with Apple’s move away from excessive cords.

Feature configurations have been given as well, with Macotakara reporting that the microphone at the top is set to become a stereo configuration, with an additional microphone being added.

Images accompanying the leak show a notch design for the front, where this extra microphone will be concealed.

Falling in line with the iPhone X, the next gen iPad will have Face ID, altering the design in ways that can be identified within the leaked specifications.

Due to complications with Face ID which arise from the position the device must be held in to recognise a face and unlock, the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard may be changed to a vertical position.

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