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New Samsung 4K TV + Big Sporting Apps To Be Revealed This Week

New Samsung 4K TV + Big Sporting Apps To Be Revealed This Week

The really big offering from Samsung will be new Smart TV functionality with new Foxtel apps, Live Sport content and local TV catch up TV deals set to be announced. 

Apart from their 4K offering Samsung is set to also launch new LED 8000-series and plasma 8500-series TVs.

One of the key upgrades being introduced by the Korean TV giant is a brand new Smart TV interface along with new apps and content for the Australian markets.

The new Samsung Smart TV Hub delivers five menu panels to help consumers manage and navigate different types of content and S-Recommendation, which helps consumers find the content they want by learning their viewing habits over time. 

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Smart View lets users move content from the TV to connected devices and back in real time, and Smart Interaction allows consumers to control the TV through voice and gesture recognition.

This claims Samsung will “set them apart” as several of the new app offerings will only be available to consumers who own a Samsung TV.

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New UA8000 Series TV looks sleek at the back as well as the front.

Samsung’s 4K ultra high-definition TV, the S9, will be available for pre-order on Samsung’s website at the end of March for over $35,000.

The S9 model set to be shown at the Star Casino event is a US model that is unable to run the new apps that will be available for the Australian market when it launches here later this year.

The 85-inch Ultra High Definition TV includes ultimate dimming capabilities and allows users to up-convert HD content to a near-ultra HD level.

Samsung is not expected to show their curved TV or the OLED TVs that the Company is looking to launch later this year up against LG who will show their first OLED TV offering for Australia on the 1st of May at a launch event in Sydney.

Current owners of 7500 and 8000 series Samsung LED TVs, as well as Samsung series 7000 and 8000 plasma TVs, will be able to buy a Samsung evolution kit for $299. This allows these TV’s to be upgraded to the latest Samsung processors and Smart TV capability.