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Unbreakable? Sturdy Galaxy Z Fold3 Defeats The Mighty ‘DropBot’

One of the most fun ways in which new smartphones are reviewed is courtesy of Allstate Protection Plans, who test a product’s durability with its DropBot, whose one and only function is exactly what it sounds like – dropping things.

Allstate Protection Plans says the Galaxy Z Fold3 is the first smartphone since 2013 that didn’t suffer a shattered screen at the hands of the DropBot.

When dropped six feet onto concrete, the Galaxy Z Fold3 survived two falls, with only minor frame and pixel damage and the expected corner scuffing. The screen, made from Gorilla Glass Victus, didn’t shatter.

The IPX8 water resistant phone also survived being dunked five feet of water for 30 minutes, with no notable damage.

“Samsung has made significant strides in the durability of foldable phones since it first introduced the Galaxy Fold in 2019. The Galaxy Z Fold3 is one of the toughest, most durable phones we’ve ever tested, and its interior screen is the first not to crack or shatter in our drop test,” said Jason Siciliano, Allstate Protection Plan VP of marketing and creative director.

“But while tough, it’s not indestructible,” he warns. “It still needs to be handled with care.”


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