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UK Requires All New Buildings To Have EV Charging Stations

All new homes, supermarkets, and workplaces constructed in the UK will be required to have electric vehicle charging stations from next year, according to new legislation passed overnight.

A statement released by the Prime Minister’s office today states:

“New homes and buildings such as supermarkets and workplaces, as well as those undergoing major renovation, will be required to install electric vehicle charge points from next year, under new legislation announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson today.”

The law will see around 145,000 extra charge points installed across England each year.

“With the majority of charging happening at home, this will mean people can buy new properties already ready for an electric vehicle future, while ensuring charge points are readily available at new shops and workplaces across the UK – making it as easy as refuelling a petrol or diesel car today,” the statement reads.

In addition to this, any building undergoing large-scale renovations, which leaves them with over 10 parking spaces, will be required to install the EV charging points.

This is a pivotal moment – we cannot go on as we are,” PM Boris Johnson said in a speech announcing the law.

“We have to adapt our economy to the green industrial revolution.”

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