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VDSL2/NBN-ready FRITZ!Box $199 Router Rockets In

VDSL2/NBN-ready FRITZ!Box $199 Router Rockets In

The new model is the FRITZ!Box 7360, which along with its higher-end FRITZ!Box 7490 model, both support the ‘Very High Digital Subscriber Line 2 (VDSL2) standard with Vectoring’. 

Already used in some Australian apartment buildings to deliver NBN-like speeds, and widely used in Europe, PCRange explains that “VDSL2 uses copper phone lines to deliver very high speed Internet access, as fast as 100 megabits per second (Mbps) over half a kilometre.” 

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The new FRITZ!Box 7360 with VSDL2, ADSL2+, NBN and DECT support.

The Company further explains that “Vectoring improves VDSL2 performance by reducing “crosstalk” levels on the phone line through the process of noise cancellation, similar to noise-cancelling headphones.”

PCRange CEO Raaj Menon said VDSL2 Vectoring was expected to play an important role in the accelerated NBN rollout once its revamp was finalised. 

“FRITZ!Box routers will be ready to go from day one”, said Mr Menon.

“We think the 7360 will sell well, with a lot of great features, especially for less than $200.”

The FRITZ!Box 7360 is also compatible with the widely-used ADSL2+ standard and has a gigabit wide area networking (WAN) port. 

Mr Menon says this makes the 7360 “fibre-ready in case you’re one of the ‘chosen ones’ to receive a fibre connection from the NBN.”

Other features include 802.11n Wi-Fi, two gigabit LAN ports, two Fast Ethernet ports and two USB ports, as well as a built-in media server so you can use the printers and USB storage devices throughout your home network, gaining access to music, images and movies from wherever you are.

In addition, the FRTIZ!Box 7360 contains a “built-in telephone system that lets you connect your existing analog telephone and fax machine or use new DECT cordless phones to make high quality calls over the Internet. Its integrated answering machines even forward voicemail messages by email.”

You’ll need to supply your own compatible DECT handsets or buy Fritz! branded models from PCRange, but they are available. 

Made in a factory outside Berlin, the first shipment of FRITZ!Box 7360 routers arrives in Australia next week. Each comes with a five year warranty. 

More details are available at the Fritz!Box website