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Touchsoft Bring Home Automation To iPhone

Touchsoft Bring Home Automation To iPhone

TouchSoft has been involved in the Automation business since 2001 during that time producing Touch Screen software and turnkey solutions for the Home automation industry compatible with Clipsal C-Bus, Bticino and Iris Prestige Automation hardware products.

“It was a natural extension of our product range to produce a native iPhone/iPod Touch App as we have have a web app version already operating on these devices but this requires our server to be installed and running” said Tony Peter. This App does not need a computer it simply requires a Clipsal C-Bus CNI Interface which connects to the C-Bus network and over a wireless network.

A unique and practical feature is the ability to capture the C-Bus group address.  To add a device to the App simply press a C-Bus switch and then press the capture button and the group address is automatically assigned, avoiding extensive programming.

Garry Kopek from Kopek Communications has been testing the product for some weeks now and says “This product is easy to setup, the interface works a treat, simple to navigate and (it) is fast. I test a lot of products prior to them
getting released and I just can’t break this one, the guys at TouchSoft have done a great job, can’t wait to see what else they do.”

TouchSoft claim the App is fast and responsive with none of the lag time normally associated with wireless devices and that setting up a medium sized home can be done in as little as 10 minutes. TouchSoft is planning and working on many upgrades to the current product which will enhance the functionality of the App even further and these will be available
through the App store.

The TouchSoft iPhone/iPod Touch App costs $119.99 AUD. For more information visit the TouchSoft website at www.touchsoft.com.au