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U11 Kicks HTC Back Into Play As Revenues Jump 52%

HTC is back in the winner’s circle and a major contributor appears to be their all new HTC U 11 which is garnishing rave reviews around the world.

HTC’s revenue in June 2017 saw a 52.1% jump over last month, with almost NT$6.9 billion in revenue reported.

This is also an 8.38% increase over the same month last year, while May 2017′s revenue was almost 33% less than 2016.

In Australia retailers selling HTC product are reporting a renewed interest in their products with JB Hi Fi executives the brand is performing “exceptionally well”.

In April Thomas Dexmier took over as the head of sales and marketing at the Australian subsidiary following the exit of long time HTC executive Ben Hodson. Sydney based Dexmier, was previously Account and Product Marketing Director.

Back in May the Company reported revenues of $625M for the first Q of 2017.

The Taiwanese Company is also working to lower their operating costs globally. In Australia, the Company has recently increased their marketing spend a move that appears to be paying off with increased sales of both their mid-tier and premium models.

HTC’s quarterly revenue is still down 9% over last year.

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