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Trump Calls On Apple To Bring All Its Manufacturing Home

US President Donald Trump says Apple should make its products in the US to avoid the tariffs he is slapping on Chinese imports.Apple told trade officials last week that the tariffs would have a big impact on its retail prices for many of its products, including its watches.The US Administration is already planning a US$200 billion package of tariffs on Chinese imports, with another US$267 billion in the pipeline, Trump stated last week.
He also tweeted that Apple could get around these tariffs by making all of its products in the US and by building more plants immediately.Apple has suffered negative publicity for decades over its manufacturing in China, where it allegedly pays and treats its workers very poorly, and moving back to the US would be a boon for the Administration’s goal of restoring America’s manufacturing base.Apple has much to lose in a trade war between the two countries, as it assembles most of its products, including the iPhone, in China for the US market, but also increasingly the Chinese market.

It also employs 80,000 directly in the US and claims up to 2 million people are deployed indirectly if one includes suppliers, app developers and entrepreneurs who offer products across its devices.

Apple spent US$50 billion last year manufacturing in the US across 38 states.

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