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TPG Announces “Full-Scale” Customer Data Review

TPG Telecom has revealed it is undergoing a “full-scale” internal review of its practices regarding the handling and storage of sensitive customer data.

“We initiated a full-scale internal review over all aspects of customer data handling, storage and purging,” TPG Telecom said.

“We want to request only the data that we absolutely need, securely store it only for as long as we need to, and then securely purge the data as soon as possible.

“Findings from this review will help inform improvements in our internal processes, as needed.”

This was initiated after a failed cyber attack on retail brand iiNet at the end of last year.

“We continue to strengthen our security processes and capabilities to keep up with evolving security threats so we can help protect customer data from unauthorised use, access, modification, or disclosure,” the company explains.

This is most likely a case of the telco getting on the front foot when it comes to cybersecurity after the massive Optus hack last year.

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