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Top Tech Industry Exec Labels Prime Minister A “Prick” After Department Cuts

Top Tech Industry Exec Labels Prime Minister A “Prick” After Department Cuts

The former CEO of Arrow Electronics and Distribution Central a leading IT industry distribution Company has come out swinging at Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

In a blazing attack on Facebook the former award winning channel executive Nick Verykios, has called Prime Minister Morrison a “Pathetic Prick” following his decision to slash several Government departs aimed at delivering better efficiency and control of expenditure.

Verykios who now claims to be the CEO of a Company called Crazy Horse was a leading figure in the Australian market having been labelled a “channel Legend” at one stage.
Always outspoken and opinionated he ha deliver a full Monty blast at the PM.

He joined Arrow through its 2016 acquisition of Distribution Central, the distie co-founded by Verykios, which he led to $300 million of annual revenue over 11 years at the helm. At One stage he was voted IT Industry Exec Of The Year by CIO Magazine.

In a Facebook rant he wrote ‘So the government doesn’t want political discussion while fires are out of control? FX&K OFF SCOMO you’re a pathetic prick – get on the phone and get all the countries we send volunteers to at our cost for loads of things to do the same for us”.

“Why haven’t you? Or have you but you have no allies? Canada and NZ – bless them – are, but off their own good will and proactive humanitarian initiatives. Are you that weak?”

He then went on to attack all the people who support the Coalition Government claiming “And to all the political barakers who blindly continue to cheer for this Liberal governments who are always ineffective. Sorry about the language, but it’s time to get serious about these bull shit elections. Shit government does shit things – get it in your heads! And for fucks sake SkoMo, pick up the phone and stop going on holidays on our coin! Prick!

Ironically a lot of people in the IT industry labelled Verikios as being the “loud mouth prick”.

Yesterday the Morrison government  abolished the Department of Communications and the Arts as part of public service restructure, rolling it into a new super department called the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications.

The shake-up, approved by the Governor General this morning and taking effect on 1 February 2020, sees the number of government departments reduced from 18 to 14 to deliver ‘efficiency’

Mrdak has been secretary of the department since 2017

“Australians should be able to access simple and reliable services, designed around their needs. Having fewer departments will allow us to bust bureaucratic congestion, improve decision-making and ultimately deliver better services for the Australian people,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

“The new structure will drive greater collaboration on important policy challenges. For example, better integrating the Government’s education and skills agenda and ensuring Australians living in regional areas can access the infrastructure and services they need.”

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