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Beats Partners With Emma Chamberlain With New Colour Lineup

The Beats Studio Buds+ were launched earlier this year, many were over the moon at the transparent colour option. Now, the company have announced two new colours; Cosmic Silver and Cosmic Pink, metallic colours that will be available from September 7th.

These buds will be available at apple.com, Apple Stores, Target, and Cosmic Silver will also be available on Amazon.

These colours appear to have been designed for users who focus on fashion as well as audio quality, especially due to the two new partnerships Beats created for the launch.

First up is a partnership with cosmetics brand Olive & June, known for its line of nail accessories and polishes, and are set to release polishes, and press on nails matching the two new Cosmic colours, beginning September 6th, available on Oliveandjune.com.

Second is an ad campaign featuring influential youtuber Emma Chamberlain, who has previously partnered with Calvin Klein, Hollister, Luis Vuitton, and Lancôme. These ads will feature her wearing the Buds+ colours with matching outfits and makeup.

Beats are no stranger to these types of collaborations, having created many high-profile partnerships for new colours and special editions. They have previously partnered with Kim Kardashian, and fashion brands Ambush and Stüssy.

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