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JB Hi-Fi: “Xbox One To Be BIGGER Than 360”

JB Hi-Fi: "Xbox One To Be BIGGER Than 360"

JB Hi-Fi says gamers won’t be not fussed over Xbox One’s new gaming rules, as fans mull over PS 4 lax rules on older games verus Microsoft restrictions for ‘One’ – both consoles were announced at E3 this week. 

“The latest gen console release from Microsoft is very impressive and we are very excited by the impending launch,” JB Hi Marketing Manager, Scott Browning told gaming site Kotaku.  
“We anticipate sales of the Xbox One to be bigger than Xbox 360 and given the continuation of Xbox 360 as well, we see the potential of both ecosystems in the market,” he said.  

This confidence is despite the fact Sony’s new PS4 will also sell for $50 less than rival Xbox One, which has a $599 pricetag. 

Browning also said Xbox restrictions on older games won’t affect the pre-used gaming market, or the retailers willingness to sell the new Xbox. 
He said, “Licensing rules are a matter for the copyright owners themselves.” 
“If they choose to restrict the reuse of the product that would not affect any purchasing behaviour by us.”