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Tile Ultra Upgrades Set To Tackle Apple AirTags Head-On

It’s not going to be available until 2022, but when it lands, Tile Ultra will be giving Apple AirTags a run for its money, using the same UWB communication standard as Apple’s key-finding gem.


UWB lets you pinpoint trackers accurately, so you can locate those pesky lost keys under the couch as well as on the train.


The bonus with Tile Ultra is that it will work with Android devices as well as iOS, while AirTags has limited communication with Android through NFC.

Another huge plus is being able to use Alexa or Google Assistant to locate Tile devices.


The Tile Pro has also been redesigned, looking more like a car key fob than the regular Tile square. With a range of about 120m and a replaceable battery that lasts around a year, it’s also IP67 water resistant .


There’s also a QR code on the back that people can scan to retrieve your contact details, which Tile calls Lost and Found.

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