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TikTok Takes On Spotify, Apple, With Music App

TikTok exposure is about to get even more important for record labels, with news that the social video platform is about to launch a music streaming service.

Parent company ByteDance filed a trademark in Australia last November for the label ‘TikTok Music’, and has now filed the same trademark application in the US.

ByteDance launched a music streaming service in 2020 called Resso, which operates in India, Brazil, and Indonesia. The service had 40 million users as of the end of 2021.

Resso operates much like a blend of Spotify and the old iTunes app, allowing users to purchase and download music, as well as offering streaming, playlist creation, and recommendations. Where it veers closer to TikTok is in the ability to make comments, and to create and livestream audio and video.

It would appear that Resso is a cold run of sorts for a wider TikTok Music service.

Considering the Chinese social media company has managed to upend Facebook and its dominance, it’s likely that Spotify et al. are very worried about this new foray into music.

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