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The Wait Is Over – ChatGPT App For Android Users Launching

It’s here – android users will not have to wait much longer for the ChatGPT app, which is finally being added to Androids next week, according to an announcement by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

The announcement is timely since only a few months earlier did the iOS version launch successfully with over 500,000 downloads of the app in one week.

Starting next week, android users can soon download the official ChatGPT app on the Google Play Store with pre-registration already open for users wanting to jump on downloading the app as soon as possible.

The new app release will also ensure users are not conned into downloading counterfeit GPT applications, which reportedly host fraudulent and harmful content.

Users in the U.S. will get the Android version of ChatGPT first, which will likely have regional restrictions like its iOS counterpart.

Additionally, the app has a premium option, ChatGPT Plus service, which costs $20 in the U.S. and potentially (not confirmed) $30 in Australia per month.

Like its iOS counterpart, Android users can try out ChatGPT features, such as the ability to sync conversations and preferences across devices as well as enjoy Bing integration and improved history search functionality.

To further enhance personalisation, in its beta phase, there is a “customized instructions” option exclusively for Plus plan users only which will allow consumers to dictate specific instructions to an AI chatbot.

Only recently had ChatGPT seen a traffic drop since its launch, but the Android app launch should propel an increase in traffic once again.

A specific launch date was not released, but the company confirmed that the rollout will start the first week of August.

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