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The Halo Effect: Multiplatform TV Advertising Remains Strong

A new report from Accenture Strategy has found that multiplatform TV, encompassing television-type programming consumed across multiple screens, advertising performance remains strong, significantly enhancing the impact of digital advertising.

In conducting its research on the impact of various advertising channels, Accenture focused on video advertising, concentrating on multiplatform TV and digital, including search, display and short-form video.

Among Accenture’s findings are that:

  • Multiplatform TV advertising has a significant halo effect on search, display and short-form video advertising within integrated campaigns. On average, 18 per cent of the return on investment (ROI) that’s typically attributed to these three channels actually should be credited to multiplatform TV.

  • While the average ROI from search, display and short-form video is high at initial spend levels relative to multiplatform TV, marginal returns for digital diminish rapidly as spend increases. In fact, the inflection point happens sooner than what was initially expected.

  • Multiplatform TV advertising has a measurable, long-term impact on driving incremental sales. The combined impact of years two and three is equivalent to 1.3x the impact measured in year one.

  • Advertising within long-form digital video (a subset of multiplatform TV) outperforms most types of digital advertising, including short-form video. Long-form digital video ROI outperforms short-form video by a factor of more than 1.5x.

Accenture states that its findings suggest that by taking a holistic approach to performance attribution measurement, marketers, in many cases substantially, could enhance their advertisement investment yield.

Accenture states that marketers should:

  • Factor the multiplatform TV halo effect into short-term media planning to optimise the ROI from search, display and short-form video.

  • Understand the cumulative three-year impact on total ROI when considering shifting multiplatform TV spend to search, display and short-form video.

  • Use long-form digital video to increase ROI on video advertising investments and align with the changing nature of consumer video consumption.

  • Strike the appropriate balance among search, display and short-form video relative to multiplatform TV to recognise the advantages multiplatform TV provides related to absorbing incremental investment.

  • Consider category market trends and characteristics, as well as specific sales and brand objectives, to determine the most effective allocation of ad spend across all marketing channels.

Further information can be found here.

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