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The Galaxy Z Flip3 proves as tough as its big brother

After checking out durability tests various websites put the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 through and came out on top of, many wondered how the smaller Flip3 would fare. So it’s comforting to know it’s got similar spirit when treated badly.

While it’s not the best idea to put your own handset through the sort of whipping the Flip3 has now gone through, it’s good to know someone else has given it the SAS treatment. It’s even better to know the smaller foldable came up trumps, proving Samsung were aiming for the same sort of quality.

The outer display on the Flip3 – the stronger of the two – is larger than the one on the original Flip, due to a sheet of Gorilla Grip Victus. When put to a flame test, it lasted 25 seconds before it turned white.

But the foldable display isn’t as strong. Grooves will appear if you run a fingernail across it with a bit of pressure. Still, the display will hold up. It even remained undamaged and still functional after being bent twice.

While there remains a perception that foldables are weaker than a regular smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip3 has a metal frame so it can handle drops.

A rubber lip around the edge also absorbs shock when the unit is snapped shut.

It isn’t dust-proof, but in tests where it was force-fed dust it was still operational.

All up, it’s clear this is a phone that can handle the rigmarole of everyday life just fine.

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