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Tesla Opens OZ Chargers To Non-Tesla EVs

Tesla has started to allow electric vehicles made by other manufacturers to use its network of charging stations.

Previously, these chargers were closed off to non-Tesla drivers. Now, five banks of superchargers across New South Wales can be accessed by CCS-compatible non-Teslas.

These are located in Dubbo, Narooma, Tamworth, Bathurst, and Hollydene.

Non-Tesla drivers will be hit with extra fees for the privilege. Non-Tesla owners will pay 79c per kWh, or 66c/kWh with a $9.99/month membership.

This is compared to the 58-70c charged for Tesla users (depending on location), or Ampol’s chargers, which cost 60c per kWh.

While this is pleasing, it does cover a limited coastal run. No doubt, Tesla will open its whole super-charger network to all EV users, as it has done overseas. Otherwise, it’s leaving money on the table, and we know that’s not how Musk and co. likes to operate.

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