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Telstra To Spend $250Mil. In Bid To Prevent More Outages

Telstra To Spend $250Mil. In Bid To Prevent More Outages

Telstra who is fast becoming a Telco basket case, claims that they are now sticking their hands in their pocket in an effort to fix their problematic network.
CEO Andy Penn, pi has apologised to customers who have suffered in its recent outages, and promised a $250 million investment in the network over the next financial year to improve network resilience and performance.

In a blog displayed on Telstra Exchange, the Telstra boss said the investments, among other things, would go to:

• Improve mobile network’s resilience, recovery time and real time monitoring;
• Improve the reliability and resiliency of the core network; and
• Increase ADSL broadband capacity.

Penn yesterday said: “We are very advanced in implementing the recommendations from that review. We have also recently completed an end-to-end review of our core network and IT systems, pinpointing sources of potential risk.”

He added: “Changes already made mean that our recovery time on the mobile network has been substantially improved.” – Stuart Corner

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