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Telstra To Mandate Vaccines For Workers

Telstra’s CEO Andy Penn is proposed a third of its workers be fully vaccinated, what he calls an “important and necessary step” in reopening the country.

Penn will meet with unions, partners and staff during a one-week consultation period to nut out the details – and has suggested those who do not comply may be forced into “medical retirement” by Telstra. The policy will apply to about 8,300 workers and will exclude employees who work from home, or are stationed overseas.

“This policy would make getting vaccinated a requirement for roles where they are in regular contact with customers, the public or other employees, such as our frontline and business critical teams, and those who need to visit customer premises at times,” Penn said.

“As we approach what is typically disaster season in Australia, we hope that having fully vaccinated teams will help us more easily move people across state borders to assist should there be a natural disaster.”

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