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Telstra Commits $1.6 Billion For 5-Year Fibre, Satellite Plan

Australia’s largest telco has vowed to invest $1.6 billion over the next five years to improve its intercity optic fibre network and to build ground satellite infrastructure.

The fibre project will add 20,000 kilometres of cable to the intercity network, increasing the capacity of Telstra’s fibre network.

Telstra will build and manage the satellite infrastructure in Australia for international telecommunications company Viasat, as part of a 16.5 year contract that will see the launch of the ViaSat-3 terabit-class global satellite system.

Telstra chief executive Andy Penn said the projects fall under its ambitious Telstra’s T25 plan.

“Investing in these two truly significant nation-building projects will see us continue to have the largest intercity fibre network in the country, helping to future proof Australia’s digital economy and further improving connectivity in regional Australia,” Penn said.

Telstra shares sit at $3.96, as of 11am, Wednesday.

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