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Telstra NBN Con Artists Back Scamming

Con artists who are using packet switching that show what appears to be a local number are back calling homes claiming that they are from Telstra and that the household has a “major NBN Internet Security Problem”.

The callers have access to what appears to be confidential Telstra or NBN information including whether a household has an NBN connection, one even knew that we use to have a Foxtel connection via Telstra.

In a space of 24 hours my wife and I got three calls from people claiming that they were from Telstra’s call centre.

The accents appeared to be Indian or Pakistani and the telephone number appearing on a display screen is local number, this is easy to do using IP telephony.

The first caller I encountered was a female, sounding in her 40s-50s, with a good English accent, It sounded as if she had spent some time in the British Midlands.

“Hello are you Mr Richards” they said.

“Mr Richards, I am from Telstra and we to fix a major security problem with your NBN and Foxtel connection”.

After a period of conversation, they then ask to homeowners to identify themselves with a Telstra account and credit card details.

Speaking fluent English these operators are also calling numbers that are officially listed on The federal government’s National Do Not Call Registry.


The ACCC and the Scams Awareness Network will hold this year’s Scams Awareness Week from 12-16 August 2019.

The annual Scams Awareness Week aims to minimise the impact of scams on the community by raising awareness and promoting education on ways to detect and therefore avoid scams, maybe Telstra should be a major sponsor.

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