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Telstra Has Unfair Edge: ACCC

The ACCC has warned that Telstra’s agreement with NBN Co to assist with the rollout of NBN services on the HFC network could give Telstra an unfair advantage over other retail service providers by giving it a head start in connecting customers, preferential service activation and/or repair of NBN broadband services, and greater insight than its competitors into the NBN rollout.

ACCC chairman, Rod Sims said: “NBN Co and Telstra have said that one of the benefits of these commercial agreements is that it will facilitate a faster rollout of the NBN, which the ACCC acknowledges, but we also recognise that there are potential competition implications, and the effect of these on end users is just as important.”

The ACCC says NBN Co and Telstra have agreed a number of measures to mitigate the potential risks to competition, which it will continue to monitor.

The ACCC is now “working to ensure all access seekers have more rollout information, and receive reports on whether or not they are receiving equivalent treatment,” it says. – Stuart Corner

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