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Telstra Customers’ Wi-Fi To Be Doctored By Technicolor

The last few metres of almost every Australian consumer’s fixed Internet service is Wi-Fi. And that’s a big problem for service providers. Consumers often don’t know the difference between flaky Wi-Fi and flaky broadband, so when their experience goes south they contact their service providers, who in the past had neither visibility nor control of their customers’ Wi-Fi.

Telstra now has both: it has deployed Technicolor’s “Wireless Doctor” software to manage 1.5 million gateways and monitor more than 11 million customer Wi-Fi devices.

Technicolor says Wireless Doctor provides Telstra with the ability to manage in-home Wi-Fi networks, improve performance and anticipate problems.

Said Gary Gutknecht, Technicolor’s senior VP for connected home: “Wireless Doctor makes possible active radio resource management; perfect call centre visibility; self-installation of Wi-Fi extenders; targeted Wi-Fi extender capex strategies; and active client steering.”

Wireless Doctor operates on the Amazon Web Services platform, using the AWS IoT toolset.


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