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Telstra CEO Offers Employees ‘Spend Points’ To Get Vaccinated

Telstra is offering $200 worth of ‘Appreciate points’ to its employees who are full vaccinated.

The points can be spent at Myer, Woolworths, Coles, and various other businesses.

CEO Andy Penn announced the scheme in a memo of employees, writing:

“When Covid first hit we came together as one team to stop the spread. By coming together again now and choosing to take action we can all play our part and make a difference.

“This is voluntary and will be applied retrospectively so anyone who has already been vaccinated will also receive these points. And as we play our part in battling this global crisis together, we will also provide these incentives to our international teams in countries where we are able to do so and where we have not already provided incentives.

“I understand some people have so far been unable to access the vaccine. So we are going to keep this incentive program open until at least December 31.”

Andy Penn, Telstra.

On Thursday, Penn told The Australian he was “absolutely pro-vaccines’’, while admitting, “ultimately, I don’t think you can force people to have a vaccine, because obviously everybody’s got their own individual health circumstances.”

He then explained how certain customer roles “should require” a vaccine.

“Having said that, there is no doubt that certain people fulfil certain roles where they come in contact with lots and lots of other people, whether they’re in stores, people like field techs, out there in the field or going into homes, and it’s and it’s really important we need to think very carefully about their safety and the safety of customers.

“I can certainly see that certain roles should require a vaccine.”



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