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Telstra 5G Hub, Expensive, Limited Data Vs NBN & Good Luck Getting A 5G Connection

Data Volume Vs Speed is set to become an issue in Australia after Telstra partnered with struggling smartphone Company HTC to roll out a 5G Hub for the home that will cost you $104 per month for 100GB of data.

The only problem is that if you are a 5G fan you are going to have to hope like hell that Telstra has a 5G tower near your house (CBD Only) or you are going to end up with good old fashioned 4G streaming.

Then there is the issue as to whether the additional speed is worth the additional money and a major restriction on the amount of data you need.

An unlimited NBN data package from Telstra will cost you $90 a month Vs the 100Gb for $104 with a 5G HTC Hub.

The next problem is that all of the streaming services including Stan, Foxtel, Amazon Prime stream extremly quickly and a few seconds difference between 5G and the fast NBN service could deliver you 12 months of Stan premium streaming or the new Foxtel Kayo app.

I have an NBN connection and I am getting up to 96MB per second, often we have multiple stream of Netflix or Stan streaming at the same time to different TV’s while also getting other data feeds over the NBN network.

Telstra claim that their new 5G device delivers both higher speed access as well as much lower latency than existing 4G networks but they have refused to provide any figures to prove the difference.

Gamers need a bucket load of speed and data and as soon as gamers get past their 100Gb of 5G download they will be charged, and this could seriously add up.

The HTC 5G Hub is set to be rolled out in Australia on May 28 via Telstra stores.

The device is the world’s first 5G/4GX media hotspot which can function as both a secure mobile solution or as a family entertainment hub which takes advantage of 5G speeds to stream 4K content and games to your TV claims Telstra.

Telstra CEO Andy Penn says the launch of the HTC 5G Hub is a significant milestone for the company as they start the transition to 5G which will be available immediately in select areas in CBDs and major capital cities along with Gold Coast and Toowoomba.

Telstra will be expanding the 5G footprint even further in 2019 to cover even more cities and selected regional areas and traffic hotspots to give even more Australians access to Telstra’s 5G technology.

The bottom line is that 5G access is patchy and will only be available in CBD areas of major capital cities and the Gold Coast, the cost is expensive, and the data limited.

The telco said that, starting on June 30, it will debut new plans that take 5G into account.

For 12 months from that date all Telstra customers with a 5G-compatible device will be able to access 5G speeds, but after that you’ll need to have one of the two most expensive plans or pay an additional fee ($15 per month) for access.

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