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Tech Firms Optimistic About Removal Of Headphone Jack

As was widely-expected, Apple’s confirmation that it would be stripping out the 3.5mm headphone jack from its new iPhone 7 has incited waves of criticism from customers worldwide.

However, it appears that many of the world’s leading audio manufacturers are a little more open-minded about the change.

A string of executives has spoken up about the move to The Verge, with Sennheiser’s CEOs Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser saying that “Sennheiser has seen many different connection standards come and go in the audio world over the years. Audio connections have always been continuously evolving.”

“Digital outputs, such as Apple’s Lightning connector, will offer new opportunities to take a step forward and to further enhance the sound experience for the customer. For example, 3D audio technology using digital signals is just one possibility.”

Meanwhile, Jaybird’s general manager for audio wearables says that “Apple has confirmed what we’ve all known all along: the world is going wireless. And even though you might not know it now, you’ll love your digital audio experience without all the wires.”

“Apple’s new design, coupled with advancements in wireless headphones and Bluetooth technology, will dramatically improve the audio experience for all and lead to a freer listening & interaction experience.”

The widely-held view among these companies is that Apple’s efforts to double down on wireless audio will directly lead to the increased investment it needs to close the gap that currently remains between it and traditional wired audio. 

According to Steve Silberman, vice president of AudioQuest “In a few years time, we can all suppose that the Lightning headphone and DAC categories will be ubiquitous.”

Time will tell.

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