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AI-Generated Films To Be Produced By TCL

TCL, a company known for its TVs, has created its own content production company, TCLtv+ Studios.

The aim of the company is to produce movies with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

TCLtv+ Studios is set to produce original content for its free ad-supported streaming service, TCLtv+.

The app is available on TCL Google TVs.

This move was first announced earlier this year, with TCL stating the hub includes a global team of animators, VFX experts, and AI engineers.

Chris Regina was hired as chief content officer last year for the company. He is the former director of original drama at Netflix, as well as the senior vice president of original co-productions at NBCUniversal.

The first project that was announced was Next Stop Paris. This is a short romance film “featuring professional voice actors and an original script, but brought to life with the latest AI animation technology.”

The first movie to debut though is a science fiction short story, Message in a Bot, which “explores what happens when an alien craft crash lands on Earth containing advanced technology and instructions.” There’s reportedly a twist at the end.

Message in a Bot is set to premiere on the TCLtv+ app on July 18, whereas the trailer for Next Stop Paris can be viewed prior to its release later this year.

General Manager of TCL Research America, Haohong Wang said, “With our bullish approach to AI in all its applications, TCL is surpassing the legacy business practices of film and television, reinforcing innovation that drives growth across every aspect of our business.”

Hollywood has also started experimenting with generative AI and AI-based tools when it comes to filmmaking.

There’s been resistance though, with the co-founder of DreamWorks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, believing AI will replace 90 per cent of animation jobs within the next three years.

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