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Targus Releases LED Disinfection Light

Targus has announced the availability for its UV-C LED Disinfection Light, designed to help reduce pathogens on surfaces using UV-C Light technology known for breaking down microorganism DNA.

It has been designed to fit between the keyboard and monitor to automatically disinfect the keyboards, mice, and other items in range, reducing the need for manual cleaning.

It is able to kill/inactivate pathogenic microorganisms, and has been verified against the Flu virus, Staph Bacteria, Pneumonia Bacteria, and MRSA Bacteria (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

It runs for five minutes, every hour, to clean the area, and when the process begins, a purple light is emitted indicating it’s in use.

It is AC powered, and the disinfecting happens automatically. Manual cleaning can be initiated through the pressing of a button, allowing 15 seconds for the user to leave the area.

It comes equipped with a built in auto shut off feature using motion sensors. If it detects any motion in the safety zone, outside the cleaning area, or any activity within the safety zone, the lights will be automatically disabled. It will resume after five minutes of inactivity.

As of now it is available on Targus.com and through authorised resellers for $199.99 USD (approx. $298.80 AUD).

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