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EXCLUSIVE: CEDIA To Move To Sydney In 2009

According to CEDIA President Chris McGowan of Advanced Living the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association is keeping their options open “just in case Sydney does not work out” he said.

He added “We were locked into the Gold Coast due to deposits and advanced bookings however a situation has arisen whereby we can get into Sydney in July 09 at the right price. While we will have to forego our 2009 deposit with the Gold Coast Convention Centre we believe that we will get it back due to better patronage by exhibitors and attendees” he said.
Len Wallis of Len Wallis Audio said “This is good news we will be able to get more staff to the event and it will be a lot more convienient to a lot more people”.

Adam Merlino of Audio Connections said “This is really good news, a lot more people will be able to attend and CEDIA will be able to hold a bigger show”. He said. 

“The mechanics of moving the show to Sydney and beyond the Gold Coast from 2009 is a major challenge but something the association is well prepared for”, said Rob Sanders, Public Relations Chair for CEDIA. “We have exceptional staff leading the responsibility and a dedicated volunteer board who is committed to growing the organisation and the Expo for the betterment of all its members.”

The Expo returns to the city where it began in 1995 but on this occasion it will be more than ten times larger. In the ensuing years the Expo made its way between Sydney, Melbourne and its home of the past eight years on the Gold Coast, by far the most popular venue following the last member survey.

“The CEDIA Expo remains the one constant in the electronics industry that has seen several shows come and go in a very short space of time; the decision to remain at the Gold Coast gave stability and surety to attendees, exhibitors and organisers.”

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