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Thats Smart! Samsung Open ‘Biggest Fridge In OZ’, Robo Cleaners, Slim Washers

Thats Smart! Samsung Open

Samsung revealed  a selection of its Aussie smart appliances family for 2013 last night at Bondi’s plush Swiss Grand penthouse apartment, the Pacific Lighthouse.

The main focus this year is to get smart functionality on all Samsung appliances, including Wi-Fi capabilities, smart sensors and remote functionality, while next year and beyond will be all about energy efficiency and optimisation, Samsung Head of Appliances  Mike Lilly told SmartHouse. 

“We know everyone need home appliances..everyone wants one” and Samsung are putting big bucks into R&D to deliver “new, more innovative, better featured and better designed products to the market” – several of which were designed specifically for the Aussie market.

Samsung premiered four of its key premium appliances due to be released in the next 3-4 months – an (apartment friendly) 7kg smart washer, the biggest fridge in Australia (929 litres), the “next evolution” robotic vacuum the Navibot, with auto-sensors, and the 45L Convection Microwave with Smart Sense technology that auto sets cooking time/power.

7kg compact Washing machine

The new compact 7kg front loader washing machine is designed for small homes and city dwellers who have limited space in apartments.

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Samsung have reengineered their front loader, throwing in ” all the bells and whistles we can” while shrinking the depth by 25% compared to previous 7.5kg machine, says Lilly speaking at last night’s event.

The new Samsung is packed with smart tech including vibration reduction meaning less noise (handy for apts) and a brushless digital inverter motor that determines optimum spin cycle so makes as little noise as possible.

It also has a 15 minute quick wash – the  length of time it takes to wash was previous bug bear of front loaders, says Lilley and ‘My Cycle’ feature remembers your most frequently used wash cycles.

It also has an 11 year warranty and available exclusively at Harvey Norman for the moment.

The biggest fridge in OZ

The Samsung T9000  “no intentional refer to the Terminator” four-door French door mammoth fridge but has a brand new look and feel, says Lilly.

the four door 929 litre capacity French Door (559L refrigerator and 370L freezer) is perfect for large families, suitable for entertaining with massively deep and wide shelving (the door can several large bottles at a time bottles), fits wide platters and be filled up to the max, as pictured.

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Unique features of the T9000 include treble cooling system, the Slide Out shelf, 13 Smart Sensors to monitor the internal/external temperatures
handy in Australia’s fluctuating weather. If its a hot day outside the
compressor increases its speed to cool down the fridge’s internal temperature.  

But the stand out feature for SmartHouse was the bottom right door of the freezer is fully adjustable on temperature so if you need extra fridge space all you have to do is adapt the temp to turn it into a fridge space, and visa versa.

This handy convertible storage area could allow saving on food as you can freeze leftovers.

A T9000 model with an ice dispenser is also in store for later this year, said Lilly.

The simple, clean design was also real pull factor to this massive Samsung French door for us with its stainless steel finish although a slightly funkier pattern design will be released here later this year, SH was told.

Cook and quick: 45L microwave Convection oven

Also in Samsung 2013 smart line up is a 45L microwave oven which is a conventional and microwave oven in one, costing $899.

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It is kitted out with Samsung’s Smart Sense technology can automatically detect the humidity of foods, and set a suitable cooking time and power, so saves fiddling around with settings.

Designed for those not so interested in cooking, time poor, where you simply ‘bang your food in the oven and cook away’.

Its ceramic enamel interior allows for easy cleaning, which can otherwise be a painful chore, and is “highly scratch resistant,” say its maker. It comes with 5 year warranty and is available now.

Navibot Corner Clean
: the “next evolution”

And lets not forget the “next evolution” robotic vacuum the Navibot Corner Clean which now cleans super tight corners, a product which proved very popular in the Aussie market last year, available from June also for $1099.

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The new Navibot has the smarts to auto recharges and goes back to where it left off thanks to onboard sensors, so minimum effort required by it owners, and has two pop out brushes which sense when it approaching tight corners and sweep up dirt.

It has high-performance dual CPU chips, and a mapping system that capture 15 image frames per second on its onboard camera which determine the best cleaning path around the house by calculating its exact location.

Samsung demoed its new Navibot in action last night and scooped up all the dust in seconds was impressive and basically means you never need pick up a cumbersome vacuum ever again.

And if you don’t have the time, this is defintely worth the money.