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Sydney Company’s Awesome Effort To Reduce Landfill

It’s a simple fact that technology creates landfill. It’s also a simple fact that landfill is one of the greatest problems the world is facing. But Sydney company Arnies Recon are tackling it head-on, offering a service where they will come to you and take away your old tech.

With a heart-shaking 50 million tons of electronics hitting landfill each year, Arnies’ customers have put a 2000-ton dent in that over 22 months.

Those electronics would have otherwise leaked toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium into the land, water and air.

Instead, they have been repurposed efficiently and for free, which is a gigantic boom for businesses and punters looking to ditch outdated tech.

Some of what they pick up is used for parts, others are recycled as scrap, but nothing goes to landfill, providing secure, sustainable recycling and destruction which is unconditionally free.

They also fully destroy old hard-drives, leaving it impossible for them to be reused or the data accessed.​

​​Their processes comply with international guidelines and standards, and are aligned to the Australian National Waste Scheme 2019 and the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

So if you’ve got disused computers, tablets, servers, racks, mobiles, towers, chargers, modems, cables, peripherals, wires, landline phones, cameras, scrap metal or other appliances, get in touch with them here.

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