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New Victorinox Premium Travel Bags With SmartPhone Charging Built In

Swiss bag brand Victorinox has launched a brand-new award-winning suitcase that makes charging a smartphone on the run easier.

The Companies new Spectra 3.0 trolley collection of travel bags recently won a Red Dot Award with their top model featuring a unique pull out power-pack that allows users to easily plug in a device.

At this stage we are still trying to identify whether it will also charge a notebook which would make it ideal for stop overs at airports.

The inventor of the Swiss Army knife claims that the new bags are manufactured using a new pioneering sustainability standard with the iconic Spectra 3.0 being the first Victorinox suitcase made of a recycled, next-generation polycarbonate shell material.

It also has a practical front opening compartment on the Global Carry-On and the Frequent Flyer Carry-On and a new built-in improved self-expandable system.

Credit: Victorinox

Credit: Victorinox

The Company has also announced a new Swiss Army Knife and Architecture Urban2 business bags collection, both of which also won Red Dot Awards.

Victorinox’s Classic Precious Alox Collection is a brand-new range of high-end Swiss Army Knives that feature a woven Alox pattern on the handle, which provides users with an innovative 3D haptic experience. The collection is offered in a variety of premium metallic colours including iconic red, gentle rose, infinite grey, brass gold, and hazel brown.

Credit: Victorinox

The Architecture Urban 2 range of business bags is the peak in premium carry bags and backpacks. With next generation 360-degree electronic protection and foam padding, practical storage solutions and eye-catching design, the range has been designed to revolutionise how commuters carry their work necessities.

Credit: Victorinox

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