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Super Fast Wi-Fi 6 Arris Surfboard Max Pro Router, Set To Be Released In OZ

Speculation has it that one of the most popular and fastest W6 routers in the USA is set to be released in Australia.

The new Arris Surfboard Max range is set to be released with 802.11ax, more commonly known as Wi-Fi 6 built in.

The Arris Surfboard Max two piece router is top seller at US retailer Best Buy and has been described as one of the fastest W6 router in the world today.

ChannelNews understands that Sydney based distributor Tempo has picked up the rights to the product range that comes in two models, the Arris Surfboard Max Plus and Arris Surfboard Max Pro.

Back in January after visiting a Best Buy store in San Diego where the Arris product was widely ranged I got my hands on one of these products to test.

What was impressive was the time it took to set up and the speed that the device delivered.

Configured via an NBN feed I was able to test the old Surfboard Max Pro alongside two of the fastest routers currently being sold in Australia.

The Arris Surfboard Max Pro offering was 40% faster than a top end competitive router from the same NBN feed.

According to Arris sources the products being released in Australia are a 2020 model range that come in white as opposed to the black versions we saw earlier this year.

The new, regular, two-piece Surfboard Max, an AX6600 mesh router is a tri-band mesh router with a second 5GHz band that the router and satellite use as a dedicated backhaul for passing data back and forth without slowing your connection down too much.

The US products supports Alexa, with the Australian product tipped to also support Google Assistant.

The Plus and the Pro each have extra internal radios, and promise to provide coverage across 570 square metres of a family home.

What we found was that the second satellite device was simple to add to the network and even in a downstairs room metres away from the master router it delivered excellent coverage even with two TV streaming Ultra High Definition content

The unique tri-band, backhaul-based design, the Surfboard Max seems to be a cut above current models being sold in Australia currently.

The Surfboard Max Pro is a two-piece, tri-band AX11000 Wi-Fi 6 mesh router system with a dedicated network just for the router and its satellite to communicate over.

It has 4×4 MiMO support on all three of its bands, comes with four gigabit ports on each node (with link aggregation to support up to 2Gbps service), covers up to 570 metres and can support up to 200 simultaneously connected devices.

It’s capable if the service is available of maximum of 940Mbps download and 880Mbps upload speeds.

Pre COVID-19 we were told that the new Netgear Orbi W6 router was set to go on sale dor around $1,399 for a router and Satellite. The Arris offering is tipped to retail for around $1,199.

Tempo management have not commented on their appointment as the new distributor of the Arris routers.

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