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Stream To Your Fullest With The New Razer Kiyo X

Streamers can now rejoice! 

As Razer is adding a webcam lineup to its second Kyo model – known as Kyo X.  

The new Kiyo X supports 1080p video calls, but comes at an affordable price range of USD$79 in comparison to the older model which was priced at USD$99. 

Both webcams have similar features with 1080 pc streams at 30 frames per second (fps) or ultra-smooth 60 fps at 720p, a clip mount mechanism for easy attachments to monitors, and a compact, all-black design. 

The main difference between the two variants is that the newer model is cheaper because it scraps the dedicated ring light helping it to keep costs down.  

The Kiyo X will be available for purchase from today. 


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