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Sticker Shock For New Amazon Music Platform Price?

Beginning next month, Prime members who subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited will be charged $1 more per month, from $8.99 to $9.99 per month, or $89 to $99 per year.

Competitors in the music streaming space, like Tidal and now Amazon, are finding they need to raise their monthly premiums to remain or become profitable – see Spotify.

Amazon is joining ranks with other music platforms, such as Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify, which have all already upped their pricing.

This was the first such increase for Spotify since 2011, the same year the platform launched.

As of this week, the streaming titan notified Prime customers of the price increase.

“To help us bring you even more content and features, we’re updating the prices of select Amazon Music Unlimited plans,” the company announced.

For those wanting to save a buck, a version of Amazon Music is available to Prime members for no additional fee, which boasts an extensive catalog of 100 million tracks, not to mention hundreds of thousands of ad-free podcast episodes.

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