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Staying Connected With Loved Ones While Enjoying A Ski

Aleck GO! North America 2000x2000

Itching to stay connected with your loved ones while enjoying some down-time on the mountains for skiing or snowboarding then fret not as Aleck 006 is here to save the day. 

This insertable and wireless audio and communication device fits into any ear slots with ease.  

It is designed just for this purpose, to give you peace of mind while on the mountains and to keep you connected with the people you love. 

The Aleck 006 works through a push-to-talk mechanism that is easily usable with gloves on, and functions as a built-in headset, allowing you to take your music onto the mountain.  

As mountains do not have great cellular reception to combat this challenge, the Aleck 006 only requires minimum cell service of 3G to function, and features an all-day battery life so that you do not need to take a break from the mountain to charge it.