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Spotify Burst Into Australia

Global audio streaming behemoth Spotify just acquired Australia-based podcast tech company Whooshka, giving them a solid position here, as the firm gives indie creators, publishers, broadcasters and brands an end-to-end platform to distribute, monetise and track on-demand audio.

Also on Whooskaa’s plus list is broadcast-to-podcast tech enabling radio broadcasters to flip existing content into a podcast.

This tech will be integrated into Spotify’s existing ad and podcast platform Megaphone, and they plan to engulf further third-parties in their vision of improving scale, reach and impact for advertising partners.

“We believe the worldwide growth potential for digital audio is still largely untapped,” the company say.

“Through the addition of these tools as well as the innovative team behind them, we are reinforcing our commitment to helping creators, publishers and advertisers realise the value of this opportunity.

“With Whooshka, we will strengthen our efforts to help audio publishers of all kinds grow their podcast business and scale our ability to help advertisers reach their audiences.”

Spotify’s third quarter ad revenue for this year was their highest ever, growing 75 per cent year-on-year. They passed one billion Euro in advertising revenue this year.

“We are looking forward to being part of Spotify’s bullish vision of the future of audio, says Whooshkaa CEO and founder Robert Loewenthal.

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