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Speck Goes Eco-Friendly

Speck, the multi-award-winning and top 5 rated U.S. phone case maker since 2012, has recently undergone packaging improvements to provide more environmentally sustainable products to better resonate with their consumers.

Sustainability matters to Speck and through new intuitive manufacturing practices such as minimal use of glue, elimination of magnet and steel plates, a separable hangtag for easier recycling, and a new PaperFoam tray, they are making practical steps to being a more sustainable brand.

PaperFoam is made from non-hazardous raw materials and renewable resources that are biodegradable.

It is also ultra lightweight with a low-impact supply chain — as products are locally sourced — and a low carbon footprint and lower water usage in production.

In addition to the new materials, Speck is also reformatting the design of the information to make the packaging easier to read with negative space, colour blocking, plus including supporting impact claims.

Their new range of Presidio Pro smartphone cases now features anti-microbial technology and soft touch text that adds a secure grip hold.

Find out more at speckproducts.com.

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