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Sony’s New PS5 Controller Can Be Tuned To Your Liking

Sony has unveiled the DuelSense Edge for the PS5, the company’s first ever high-performance, customizable controller.

Revealed at Gamescom, the DualSense Edge allows users to tune the controller to their own preferences and playstyle, granting them the upper hand.

Sony’s new controller makes use of several software and hardware customization options. Controls can be remapped or deactivated to better suit how you want your hand to sit, whilst trigger sensitivity and travel distance can also be adjusted. This could allow for faster input in shooters, or give more precise control during racers.

Customization profiles can be saved, and swapped at will using the on-controller user interface. Pressing the Fn button will bring up the interface allowing profiles to be swapped at will, perfect for when gameplay changes, such as from running and shooting to getting into a vehicle, as well as changing games altogether.

The DualSense Edge is also compatible with a range of different stick caps (high dome, low dome and standard) for added comfort and control. Sony has also fitted it with back buttons that can be assigned the input of any other button, making controls more readily available. These also sport swappable caps (half-dome and level).

Just as the original DualSense PS5 controller does, the Edge still sports haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, an inbuilt microphone, motion controls and more. It comes with a USB-C braided cable that can be locked onto the controller to prevent slippage, as well as a carrying case.

Sony is yet to announce pricing or availability for the DualSense Edge, but say that more will be revealed “in the months ahead.”

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