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Sony Working On Magnetic, Biometric Gaming Controller

Sony has filed new patents that show that the Japanese tech giant is working on an interactive video game control that will feature a biometric sensor, force feedback, and cameras.

Sony Interactive’s patent application 20210268373 shows “a first force feedback mechanism for providing resistance force to movement of a joystick (#200) that may be implemented in a computer simulation controller”, as well as a joystick that is “made of a permanently magnetic material.”

As the filing explains: “The mechanism may also include plural electromagnets (#204, with four shown in FIG. 2 spaced 90 degrees from each other) that can be energised individually or in appropriate combinations to prove a magnetic force on the collar and, hence, the joystick.”

Elsewhere, it offers another option, wherein, “the motorised force feedback mechanism may be implemented by a potentially piezoelectric haptic trigger and motor that create resistance to motion of the controller but that do not completely stiffen the controller.”

Sony’s patent was filed in the US on May 15, and was published this week by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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